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4 reviews
The Yak, Bison, Kangaroo, and truffle fries are the best! Only burger place I'm interested in, we've ordered 3x times in a week!
Today, we got the wrong order, i called the driver(no help) then when i called the restaurant the owner was so apologetic he assured me he'd remake the food and send it out immediately. THE OWNER HIMSELF showed up to deliver the food, and threw in free dessert. It was excellent service and not their fault as grubhub's driver took the wrong food and was actually not apologetic at all when i called him first.

The food alone was reason to keep supporting this business but knowing that they care about their customers like this seals the deal. Thank you!!


Top Reviewer
This place is awesome! Deliveries are fast and the food is very good.

If you enjoy the exotic selection, head to the restaurant sometime. The owner is super knowledgeable & friendly, and there are rotating specials on the menu that aren't listed online.


Top Reviewer
The bean burger was very bold it really woke my mouth up. The Moo Sauce was fantastic. Overall I loved it and I really look forward to trying a bison burger next!


Top Reviewer
The Yak Burgers are very good and very filling. The Mac & Cheese is fine, a little bland, but for the price of the side order, it's okay.


Top Reviewer
Actually followed my written special instructions and called me to see how it turned out. Great experience.

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Top Reviewer
SO GOOD! The hype over the Yak burger is real. The delivery was super fast and everything else was warm and tasty. Definitely ordering from here again. I only wish I would've ordered from them ages ago!


Top Reviewer
Yak burger was great. Not sure I have ever had Yak but the 'Once You Go Yak' sounded good and it did not disappoint. Food came in about 35 minutes. Def will order again.

David Joseph

2 reviews
Great burgers! Friendly people. Delivery was faster than expected. I like the unusual meats but I also love that they offer local, organic beef as a burger option.


Top Reviewer
Food arrived promptly (early, in fact) and was warm. Surprisingly good alligator sausage. Not much of a meat eater, but this place is worth the indulgence.


Top Reviewer
I was really craving a burger and remembered my brother got me something from here once. Their food is always so good! Very satisfying

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Why do an Italian sausage when we could bring a smoked alligator sausage with bacon-infused sauce piquante? Rather Than A traditional beef burger why not push the palate with kangaroo? How About Hawaiian Slow cooked wild boar instead of pulled pork? Cheesesteak? Let's Use Yak. But just in case not all our customers are ready for the "dark side" we offer the more traditional staples with something for everyone. Our menu changes with the seasons and availability as we continually push to bring new culinary ventures to market. We pride ourselves on working closely with the local community to source organic produce or finding suppliers who use sustainable, ethical farming practices such as Woodsedge Wool Farm or Natures Own farm. Our game meats never use antibiotics or growth hormones. They are either farm or pasture raised and never receive animal based feed.